How glass bottles are conveying “High-end”(2)In perfume industry

How glass bottles are conveying “High-end”(2)

—In perfume industry

Glass has always been an important packaging material for cosmetics and wine industry. It has an irreplaceable position in reflecting the quality of products.

      How does glass express the characteristics of “quality” in the perfume industry?
      In the case of perfume packaging, the decoration of the glass appearance generally includes the processing of the glass bottle  and the matching of external accessories.

The processing of the glass bottle:
               1. Nowadays, a major trend in the manufacturing process of high-grade glass bottles is to extend the brand by color, to spray a single color or a gradient color, to plate metal colors, etc., so that the bottle becomes very unique and unique in appearance.
              2 Polishing process, can make the surface of the glass bottle smooth and shiny, shining like a crystal under the light, the bottle made of good glass material, even if only polished and logo, the effect of the whole package Also very high-end luxury.
               3 Screen printing text or pattern, hot stamping gold and silver mirror reflective logo effect, highlighting the company’s brand name and image.

These processes are customary in the packaging of perfumes. For example, the appearance of AY-025 only includes the gradient color & monochrome spray + hot stamping gold logo to make the bottle color vivid and unique.


The bottle is equipped with accessories,just like a model wearing a beautiful dress, the product seems to be injected into the soul, smart and tempting:

                1 special sprinkler sleeves or conduits

such as Dior’s  men’s series, which use a custom-made sprinkler sleeve to distinguish it from other brands. On the thin tube jacket, the black tube has a huge visual impact on the appearance of the bottle. Transparent bottle The color collision between the body, the yellow perfume and the black tube is in line with the men’s innocence, outstanding, masculine and sexy fragrance.

                 2ABS or Zamac shoulder,  logo, and other accessories

                 3 bottles of leather, cloth cover and other accessories

such as Burberry London 100ml bottle wrapped plaid cover, conveys the restrainedness of Mr. Burberry mature man, especially in line with the tone of this fragrance: warm and soft tobacco leaves, more Create wood, oak moss and red medicine.

                    4 metal tag or a little embellishment of silk, like a finishing touch to make the perfume become smart.

Burberry ladies series perfume glass bottle and lid are simple design, but with a small ribbon on the shoulder, turned into a Elegant girl in a windbreaker with a ribbon

Glass bottles as the raw material of the product, is the product’s outer packaging is also the first embodiment of product quality, good appearance effect can greatly help the brand’s publicity, so that people are attracted by this product at a glance, impressively remember This brand.

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