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Fragrance expert helps COVID-19 patients learn to smell again

NEW YORK (Reuters) – After 13-year-old Sahil Shah lost his sense of smell to COVID-19 in November, his parents looked everywhere for help. “We met with neurologists, neurosurgeons, ENT specialists, and all of them said if it was supposed to come back, it would have come back by now,” said Sahil’s father, Pratik Shah. But six months later, the teenager from Chicago still had no sense of smell or taste. The family sought help from an unlikely source – New York fragrance [...]

Where & how should the perfume be applied?

Where & how should the perfume be applied? In the past I read a news about the perfume: The general content is that the spray perfume in addition to the common parts, wrists, neck, etc., should also be sprayed on the belly button! Because I am a person who likes to smell very much, that is. . . There is a special feeling for perfume, and you can see that a particular perfume may following.            So I went [...]

How glass bottles are conveying “High-end”(2)In perfume industry

How glass bottles are conveying “High-end”(2) —In perfume industry Glass has always been an important packaging material for cosmetics and wine industry. It has an irreplaceable position in reflecting the quality of products.       How does glass express the characteristics of “quality” in the perfume industry?       In the case of perfume packaging, the decoration of the glass appearance generally includes the processing of the glass bottle  and the matching of external accessories. The processing of the glass bottle:   [...]

How glass bottles are conveying “High-end”(1)

How glass bottles are conveying “High-end” Glass continues to convey the message of quality, purity and product protection – three key elements for manufacturers in the cosmetics and alcohol industries. And the decorated glass will further enhance the impression that the product is high-end.   The impact of brands on products is created through the shape and color of the products, as they are the primary factors consumers notice first. Moreover, because glass products are characterized by unique shapes and vibrant colors, high-end [...]


AY PACKAGING is a professional manufacturer who is focus on perfumes packaging. We are providing high quality glass bottle from high white material with good distribution and smoothly furface. We also provide many decorations. Such as color coating, printing ,hotstamping , polishing, and metalizing etc. Further more, we provide plastic caps, wood caps, alumium caps, zamac caps and crystal caps, and some accessories as well. We can provide new designs according the customer’s demands. and we also welcome the new projects from [...]