Where & how should the perfume be applied?

Where & how should the perfume be applied?

In the past I read a news about the perfume:

The general content is that the spray perfume in addition to the common parts, wrists, neck, etc., should also be sprayed on the belly button! Because I am a person who likes to smell very much, that is. . . There is a special feeling for perfume, and you can see that a particular perfume may following.


         So I went to check the information about the spray perfume: the biggest taboo of the spray: don’t spray in places with sweat, such as armpits. Perfume does not cover the smell of sweat, but the taste of sweat and perfume will be ecstasy. Common spray locations are: hair, behind the ears, wrists, inside the elbows, neck, back of the knees, ankles. . . These places are easy to dissipate heat and release fragrance. Then I also know a place today: the belly button, the principle should be the same.

  1. People with dry skin should spray more than oily skin. Oily skin is relatively easy to maintain fragrance.
  2. Quora has a question and answer: Ask the perfume how best to spray. The most answer is to mix with baby lotion!  (The reason is that you have both the sensuality of the perfume and the pure taste of the baby. . . lol)
  1. It is not recommended to spray perfume in the air, pretending to rain, so the price is relatively low, unless you have more than enough perfume. . . Just want to be romantic.
  2. Of course, there is one of the most important conclusions: If you want someone to kiss you, give them a perfume, which works best. 🙂


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